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  • The Unexpected Items
  • Michael Spicer
  • Steven Seller
  • From the Vault

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  • The Great Puppet Horn

    The Great Puppet Horn are Jeremy Bidgood and Lewis Young with script editing by Léonie Hamway.

    2013-05-16 14:34:08
  • Smales & Payne

    Dan & James are failed shoe shop salesmen who turned their hands to comedy writing. They have written for TV, radio & stage and have amassed over half a million views on their YouTube channel!

    2013-04-04 16:28:29
  • Peter's Place

    Nicholas Bowe

    2013-04-04 14:23:32
  • From the Vault

    ‘memba these?

    2013-02-05 14:05:51
  • Steven Seller

    Geek with a guitar, loves wearing 8bit jumpers & serenading audiences with 'bitterness & crowd pleasing awesomeness' (Londonist '12). Search YouTube for 'The Dr Who Fanthem' & see how geeky it gets.

    2013-01-31 16:32:28
  • Michael Spicer

    An impressively consistent disappointment. Kent, London ·

    2013-01-31 16:26:49
  • The Unexpected Items

    The Unexpected Items are a four-person sketch comedy group from London. They are: Sophie Alderson, Matt Lacey, Adam Reeve, and Tom Williams.

    2013-01-31 15:16:19
  • Laurbubble

    I'm Laura, Youtube vlogger, gaming enthusiast and very very bad loser if you beat me at pokemon cards

    2013-01-31 12:51:29